Industry Insider - Halfdays

Trailblazers in the Outdoor Apparel Industry!


January 24, 2024
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Halfdays Office
3330 Larimer Street Suite 2A
Denver , CO 80205


Trailblazers in the outdoor apparel industry, Ari and Kiley founded Halfdays in their early 20s. Halfdays quickly cultivated a group of hardcore followers and propelled them to be recognized as Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2022. Halfdays is an outdoor brand for women. "We like spending time outdoors. What we don’t like: the pressure of “hardcore” outdoor culture, and ill-fitting apparel for women. It cramps our style! So, we created our own brand that doesn’t compromise fit, function, and style – not even a little bit. We started with ski wear, because it’s what we know best." How did they do it? Where are they going? Ari and Kiley will be sharing their journey and mission in this Industry Insider session at an intimate setting of their office in Denver.

Launched in 2019, Industry Insider opens a window to a specific industry for outsiders through the featured guest’s personal stories and insights. Our guests include many accomplished Colorado entrepreneurs, idealists, and people behind a movement. During the event, the featured guest will share his/her personal stories through an interview, give an onsite tour, and answer the question “how does this industry work?”. If you are a curious person and ready to be inspired, come meet our guests and other like-minded young professionals!

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